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Many adults look at the lives of teenagers with envy. After all, they assume, teens have less to juggle. They aren’t stressing over jobs, mortgages, marriages, and other “grownup” worries. more
Posted by hjespersen on Shatterproof Blog Jul 23, 2015 11:22 AM EDT

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  • Advice for Teens: How to Handle Stress without Turning to Drugs and Alcohol
    Many adults look at the lives of teenagers with envy. After all, they assume, teens have less to juggle. They aren’t stressing over jobs, mortgages, marriages, and other “grownup” worries. more
  • Unashamed, a Mom in Recovery Speaks Out to Shatter the Stigma
    I’m sitting at my laptop.  My young children are at school.  And I’m feeling apprehensive, uncertain, a bit fearful, but also optimistic.  And then I think - how many moms are out there feeling exactly how I’m feeling right now.  Or how I have felt in the clutches of my addiction - when I was a slave to a prescription medication and abusing other substances.  And then I mentally lock arms with you and march; move forward.  You see, I am in recovery and my purpose here is to both share what it is like to be a parent in recovery on that day to day roller coaster, and also to help parents whose children are struggling with addiction to better understand their kids’ behaviors, feelings, and what they can do to empower them.   more
  • Real Recovery: Stories Told by People in Recovery Show What Drug Addiction can Really Do
    Drug addiction is not invisible. It’s not the exclusive territory of a certain subculture of people outside your purview. Instead, drug addiction is a disease that is all around you. It could dig its claws into your neighbor or your best friend. It’s a hellish path to travel. Some will never cross its roads and live to tell of the other side. Still, others will break free with the help of recovery professionals who help them reclaim their lives. Their stories show that even in the depths of addiction, every day is worth the fight.   more
  • Four Years Later....
    Four years ago today I had a spiritual awakening and was given the gift of sobriety. I was unemployed, living in my childhood bedroom, had no car of my own and very unhappy. For some unknown reason, that I can only attribute to my God, I have not had a drink or a drug in four years. more
  • The Greatest Gift My Father Gave Me
    April 9th 2007.  I am broken.  I am lost.  By walking into Alcoholics Anonymous the day before and accepting my desire chip, I have taken that leap of faith and my first step into recovery. That first step forward we all must take to survive regardless of the mode of recovery chosen. I am still missing something however. more


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It's never too late to set things straight! Congrats on your hard work and enduring love!
Thank you for reading - interestingly I came to the realization that you cannot berate, shame or guilt someone into sobriety my first week at rehab. It was such a relief to be able to discuss it openly and with no judgement. Hiding it is a full time job - and an exhausting one at that! The freedom from hiding immediately made it clear to me that support and accept...
Thanks, Jennifer. Very well written. I am looking forward to reading more from you.
Thanks for sharing your story, Jennifer. I was on the flip side, your husband's side of addiction. And my qualifier still struggles with his periods of sobriety. I love your quote:" You will never berate, guilt or shame anyone into sobriety." I thought, of course you can! Of course I can! It was discouraging and enlightening to find out that wasn't the case...
Way to rock it Holly!